Antti Evävaara

A piece of furniture evokes feeling and a sense of fulfillment

Antti Evävaara was originally trained as a furniture conservator. During his career of more than 40 years, he has restored antique furniture with each piece looking more beautiful than the one before. In doing so, he has become familiar with the history of European furniture from the 17th century onward. Since 1985, he has designed and made furniture of his own so that some pieces have become antiques of today. This is why his design language is universal, not culture-bound. It does not convey when or in which country the furniture was designed.

Antti Evävaara can also be regarded as a forerunner of functional furniture design. Silence, a product family he developed, was created already in 2002. In addition to this, he has planned and developed products for wellness along with associated service concepts and spatial units.

“The design language and design of a number of my products find their form through the structure and functionality employed,” Antti Evävaara says. “I hardly draw or sketch designs on paper, but try to complete them already in my mind as far as possible. After that, I make the customer a prototype that is ready for production right down to the technical details. In this way, the customer gets to try out and test a completed piece of furniture.”


Pesä – Nest


Silence chair